The new Tierra Bio-Organic brings the quality of a unique and sustainable taste to Indian homes

INDIA, July 12,2019 –Lavazza, the globally renowned Italian coffee brand now introducesaunique and premium offering,with the launch of Tierra Bio-Organic, the first organic coffeeto encapsulate all the goodness of the earth in a cup, to be enjoyed at home.

“The organictrend is big in the coffee sector and it is seeingincreasedtraction with more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of the organic, sustainable route. There is more focus on this segment,largely driven by youngconsumers who are eager to try out new aromas andwho are still concerned about the roots of where the product comes from,” saysJai Ganesh Ramnath, Managing Director – Lavazza India. “Taste and sustainabilityhave always been in Lavazza’s DNA and are the values that define thenewTierra power brand for home enjoyment.”

From plantations where, organic farming is practised,and the principles of environmental sustainabilityare respected, this newblendis yet another innovationin the history of Lavazza.  An endless stream of revolutionary new products going back to 1910,when Luigi Lavazza created his first coffee blends, Tierra Bio-Organicis Lavazza’s first productfor the home segment grown with organic certification,which ensures the qualitative,social and environmental standards are adhered to,in coffee production.

The products unique aromatic quality stems from the processing methodologyand the high altitude of the farms. The beans for this 100% organic Arabica coffee are roasted longer, with a combination of low and medium temperatures to deliver a perfect combination of taste, body and aroma. The notable floral and ripe fruit notes, on the other hand,reflect its geographical origins in central and south America. Lovers of coffee in all its manifestations, from the fastest espresso to the more common make preparation, can enjoy the unique experience of the new organic Lavazza product, in their own homes.

¡Tierra! Bio-Organic

Sourced from certified farms from various tropical parts of the world, this coffee grows in wonderful highlands, protected by the shade of trees. The farmers are firmly committed to conserving and cultivating the land to ensure production of superior quality coffee beans.

Composition: 100% Organic Arabica, UTZ certified Aroma profile: full-bodied and aromatic, with floral and fruity notes                                                                       Intensity: 6, medium intense

Roast : Italian

Price: Rs. 625/- for 180 gms

Tierra Bio-Organic is available at all leading supermarkets and online on


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