Super Toons Honey & Bunny say Vanakkam to all the Super kids of Chennai


The 2000-year old festival of Pongal has evolved to become one of the most important celebrations in Tamil Nadu which brings the entire family together. Sony YAY! country’s leading kid’s entertainment channel by Sony Pictures Networks India, went the extra mile by bringing the kids of Chennai together and celebrating Pongal in a grand manner.

As schools begin their holidays and families gathercto celebrate the festivities, the Super Jodi, Honey and Bunny made a stellar entrance in the city to bring all their super fans together for a fantastic Pongal. Kids of Little Angels Play School were geared up for traditional Pongal festivities when they were surprised by their favourite YAY! toons Honey and Bunny whom they greeted with hugs and cheers! The little ones gathered around to enjoy their special performance and even joined them in their iconic dance performance to the title track of ‘Honey Bunny kaJholmaal’.The duo even held a contest for the children to showcase their ‘Super-ness’ leading them to realise that each one of them is indeed a ‘Super Kid’!

Honey and Bunny also joined the kids in the traditional customs of the festival by decorating an earthen pot with turmeric and vermilion and boiling rice and milk for the festival. They also curated a Kolam-colouring competition that saw the super-kids then design some beautiful patterns which were used to adorn the school premises. With every child displaying their artistic skills with much joy, Honey & Bunny added a smile to the face of all the tiny tots by felicitating each one of them as a Super Kid. 

Ensuring that it was a Pongal that will be cherished, the Super Kids and the Super Jodi bonded over the fun rituals, exhilarating dance sessions and games with the YAY!- toons leaving a lasting impression on their young minds. With everyone having had such a fun time, the Super Jodi can’t wait to meet their Super fans again soon, and spread more joy.


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