Shine bright this party season with Organic Harvest’s exclusive Diamond-Shine & Glow Facial Kit


Organic Harvest, India’s leading all-organic brand with extensive skincare, hair care and body care range, has its special product for this partyseason “Diamond-Shine & Glow Facial Kit.” Winter onset means a socially loaded calendar for all of us. Be it wedding parties, birthdays, baby showers everybody has a dozens of parties to attend. But the chilly breeze also brings with itself dullness and dryness for skin which means it’s time to take extra care of the skin to nail the perfect party look.

In just four simple steps Organic Harvest’s Diamond-Shine and Glow Facial Kit helps the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. Ithelps conceal skin imperfections and adds natural freshness and smoothness to the skin. This remedy is completely plant driven, organic and chemical free.

Diamond-Shine & Glow Facial Kit:

The miraculous organic facial kit- Diamond – Shine & Glow, helps in skin elasticity and adds radiance. It deeply cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and adds a natural winter glow to the skin. The key cleansing ingredients make skin smooth and glowing for salon. It is easy to use and efficient for all skin types. This 30-minute facial kit is the best winter remedy for the party season.

Key ingredients:Cleansing Milk+ Exfoliating scrub+Massage cream+Serum +Facial Mask+ SPF30

Diamond-Shine & Glow facial kit’s cleansing milk helps in getting rid of dirt and impurities on the skin and exfoliating scrub deep cleanse the pores and reduce blackheads. The Massage cream nourishes the skin and the facial mask helps in brightening and tightening of the skin. Organic harvests handpicked essential ingredients keeps the skin bright and shiny even in the dry winter season.

Some of the key ingredients used are olive oil which act as an antioxidant, iron and vitamin rich beetroot extract for deep moisturizing, antibacterial Lime essential oil and lavender oil which prevents signs of aging and adds glow to the skin.

Price: INR 295

About Organic Harvest:

Organic Harvest is India’s leading skincare personal care brand with an entire range of organic personal care products that speak of nature in its purest form. The brand embraces the organic power of plants and its botanical extracts in abundance combined with organic ingredients. The company was brought into existence in June 2013 to promote the concept of safe skin. An intelligent use of plants grown without pesticides and chemicals initiated the name ‘Organic Harvest’ where products are not just natural, but organic. 

Organic Harvest specializes in hair care, body care and skincare products that are safe and highly effective. To keep the skin miles away from damage, no harsh chemicals are used; instead, the raw materials that are used are certified by Global organizations like EcoCert. The certification is evidence that the raw materials used for manufacturing Organic Harvest products are derived from plants that have been grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

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