Rally for decentralization


Amaravati, Jan. 13: YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy and his supporters were arrested at Penumaka village in the capital region when they tried to take out a rally in favour of decentralization of development and administration in the state.

Later, addressing the media at the party central office in Tadepalli, the MLA said the capital farmers were demanding the decentralization of administration and equitable development of all the regions of the state.
He said the farmers were expressing concern that former Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu deceived them by taking away their fertile lands in the name of capital development. They said the lands of the Dalits of the region were forcibly taken away by Naidu and turned the farmers of the region into beggers.

The MLA said that when there was an attack on tahsildar Vanajakshi and IAS officer Balasubrahmaniyam, Naidu had used the police department to suit his political ends. He said Naidu was taking up the agitation just to save the lands of his benamis and made his wife Bhuvaneswari to donate her platinum bangles for the agitation to save the lands she bought in the name of her Heritage firm.

With reference to Naidu seeking alms for the agitation, the MLA asked why Naidu and his son Lokesh did not donate their salaries for the cause. He asked how Naidu can lead an agitation where 144 section was promulgated.

He said TDP workers, real estate brokers and anti-social elements were taking up the agitation in the name of farmers.

The MLA said that Naidu and his son Lokesh were using two newspapers to disseminate misinformation against the government.


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