India Filings introduces cloud-based solution ‘ConqHR’ to assist SMEs


~ConqHR suite is customizable and can be set-up to suit the requirement for small businesses~

IndiaFilings, the largest cloud-based business services platform, has unveiled a new HR suite called ConqHR (pronounced conquer). With the launch of the ConqHR HR suite, the company hopes to help tens of thousands of SMEs in India with HR compliances like PF return filing, ESI return filing, payroll processing and more.

India has over 55 million small businesses of various sizes. Of the 55 million small businesses, a good portion of small businesses employ various staff and would be required to process payroll each month and comply with regulations such as ESI, PF and TDS. Currently, the business owner takes responsibility for payroll processing in most cases and process the same using tools like Excel – manually.

Processing of payroll manually with minimal experience can lead to errors and non-compliance issues. To avoid such hassles – a cloud based HR suite like ConqHR can be implemented by SME owners to simplify, automate and streamline the entire process. Implementing ConqHR in a small business can help the business owner automate many of the mundane tasks associated with HR management.

Employee On-boarding, Leave management, Attendance management, Payroll processing, Payroll disbursement, HR compliance, TDS filing, ESI filing, PF filing, Exit management, Performance review and monitoring, are some of the multiple tasks that are focused through ConqHR.

In 2018, the company also unveiled the LEDGERS Software to help businesses issue invoices, track purchases, file their GST returns and maintain their compliance online. LEDGERS is linked with the GST Network and GST return filing in the government’s portal can be done seamlessly based on the invoices generated or uploaded on the platform. Over 50 thousand businesses now use LEDGERS and the company is targeting to increase the user base further.

Commenting on the same, Lionel Charles – CEO & Founder, IndiaFilings said, “After successfully launching LEDGERS, it gives me immense joy in bringing ConqHR amongst us. The ConqHRsuite is customizable and can be set-up to suit the requirement for a business of any size – having any number or branches or employees. Once setup, the suite manages various aspects of HR management and provides various insights to the business owner to maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship. For example, the system can detect overworked or underworked employees based on various data points and also suggest periodic salary increments based on the company’s HR policies. Through this venture of ours, we intend to spread our roots in the HR Industry, as well. ”

In addition to HR management modules, ConqHR also has an inbuilt Applicant Tracking System called RecruitHR. With RecruitHR, this integrated recruitment software allows several business owners to automate the entire process of discovery of potential candidates, first engagement, interview and on-boarding. ConqHR and RecruitHR work in an integrated fashion to provide the business owner with a comprehensive HR solution.


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