Inaugural SICCI Start-Up awards announced – Company name of winner


Past presidents felicitated

Chennai, Friday, September 6, 2019…..The inaugural Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)start up awards for the year 2019 were announced in the city today. The contest, themed, ‘Creating a Sustainable Environment’ saw 28 entries in 5 categories, i.e. Agriculture, Technology, Energy, Healthcare and Water and Waste Management. Two prizes were given in each category for the best start-up. The winners were felicitated in the presence of a galaxy of eminent personalities, past presidents, CEO’s and well- wishers. During the event, past presidents of SICCI were felicitated in recognition of their significant contribution towards the growth of the Chamber over the past many decades.

The final winners from the inaugural start-up contest were;

Category – Agrotech – VRIKSHA AGRO VENTURES


Category – Healthcare – KYVOR GENOMICS

Category – Waste Management – BHARAT AGRO PRODUCTS


Speaking on the occasion Mr. R Ganapathi, President, SICCI said, “Chennai undoubtedly has a great deal of talent and high skillsets. The city that initially emerged as a successful ground of automobile start-ups is now becoming a SaaS hub, while attracting entrepreneurs from every field including manufacturing and engineering. Currently as the country goes through a period of ecological distress it is vital for us to create an environment for startups to pioneer more sustainable solutions. Which is why we constituted this award, to nurture, recognize and promote offerings in 5 distinct fields, that include, Agriculture, Technology, Healthcare, Energy and Water and Waste management.”

In his presidential address, Mr. Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo Group said, “We are at the cusp of a major socio economic transformation. The kind of transformation which we have not seen for the last 50 years. I feel that there is nothing wrong with the economy but the issues we see are due to major disruptions happening within business models. One business model is leading to another and probably creating a larger economy and that is the shift which we are missing. India has a strong ambition and to reach the 5 trillion economy, I see 5 major trends that will be game changers going forward. These are digitalization, rapid urbanisation, growing need for sustainability,an era of collaborations and partnerships and lastly, skills set will see a dramatic change. These are the 5 major trends that will change business going forward. The effect of this will lead to businesses needing to adopt a flexible structure capable of handling changes, have speed and agility, pick up new job functions and new skill sets. To the start-up companies here today, I say that the new ecosystem will be interesting and will give you rich dividends but there will be sectoral challengers. And therefore my advice is that the ROAD of success needs you to Reset your assumptions,Organize for the future, Advance with agility and Digitize your business. I am very happy to see the great work that SICCI has been doing and great to see the focus on encouraging start-ups.”

Speaking on the occasion, the Guest of honour,  Mr. T N Manoharan, Chairman, Canara Bank said, “It gives me immense pleasure to see the great work that SICCI has done for the benefit and growth of Industries and entrepreneurs since 1909. They have contributed to build institutions that are permanent and it is fitting that past presidents are being recognized today. I feel the Start-ups today need to be complimented first because they have become job providers instead of job seekers, Secondly, the kind of innovation they have brought to society and economy is phenomenal. They are capable of making wonders happen. Programmes of this nature will build them and make them ready for the future. This is the kind of motivation and inspiration this kind of recognition will give them.

“Today, everyone talks of a challenging situation. I feel challenges are welcome. Some are challenging, testing and endurance matters to enable us to overcome them. We should not get averse to facing challenges and handling the risks that is encountered on a daily basis. We should be capable of transforming this to our advantage. I am confident that that if corrective measures are taken, learning lessons from the debacle we have encountered in the recent past, India by 2020 will overtake not only France but also UK and go to become the 5th largest economy in the world.” He added

The SICCI start-up awards will be an annual affair and will seek to identify, nurture and sustain companies that lean toward offering solutions for a sustainable environment. SICCI hopes that this will encourage more such start-ups in the domain while also facilitating growth in supporting industries.

For the inaugural event, the contest was announced 2 weeks ago and a total of 28 entries were received. These entries were then reviewed by an expert panel, scrutinized, deliberated upon by the jury and then selected. The jury members of the contest consisted of Mr Mohan Narayanan, Mr M V S Mani, MrAjit Chordia, Mr. J Krishnan, Ms. Viji Rao and Ms Chitra

The winners of the start-up contest got an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas to the audience. They also got an opportunity to interact with senior industrialists at the function and other professionals. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions in these five categories, SICCI has also offered to facilitate free mentoring for the winners.

Felicitation of past presidents of SICCI

With SICCI having reached a position of eminence and having actively contributed towards the growth of Industry, past presidents of SICCI, who contributed significantly towards enabling SICCI to play this pivotal role was felicitated. They included;



Founded in 1909, The Southern Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI), is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, whose primary function is to work for the development of industries in South India. SICCI is one of the founder-members of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). SICCI functions as a liaison with Government and Public Institutions on behalf of the Industry. SICCI acts as an advisory to the industry and provides economic and market research and industry analysis. SICCI is also a member of the Indian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.


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