Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash enters third phase of “My First Pimple”: a pan-India campaign to empower girls

India’s Top Ranked Squash Player, Dipika Pallikal Karthik, graced the occasion as the Guest Speaker at the event. Keerthika Damodharan Brand Manager Himalaya Drug Company also seen.

The campaign encourages teens to overcome emotional challenges associated with pimples

Chennai, December6th, 2018: Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash, India’s leading face wash brand, rolled out the third phase of its pan-India campaign,“My First Pimple” in Lady SivaswamyAyyar Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Chennai today.“My First Pimple” is a unique initiative that aims to connect with teenagers aged between 13-17 years,with an intent to tackle emotional and physical challenges faced by them during their growing-up years, including the onset of pimples.

As a part of this initiative, Himalaya has associated with a group of successful women influencers from different walks of life to conduct interactive sessions for young school girls. These influencers will share their personal stories and encourage girls to focus on larger goals in life.

Research highlights that teenagers tend to get conscious about their appearance and avoid socializing because of pimples.” My First Pimple” aims at helping young girls overcome these issues and instills a sense of confidence, since pimples are a part of each one’s formative years, and every teenager goes through it.

The event witnessed a huge participation of over 200 teenage girls. Arjuna & Padma Shri award winner and India’s Top Ranked Squash Player, Dipika Pallikal Karthik, graced the occasion as the Guest Speaker at the event. Through an engaging session, Dipika connected with the young girls and narrated her story on how she was positive as a teenager and focused on her games and practice to keep herself motivated. Keerthika Damodharan, Brand Manager– Face Wash, Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company was also present at the event.

Speaking about her association with the initiative,Arjuna & Padma Shri award winner andIndia’s Top Ranked Squash Player, Dipika Pallikal Karthik,said, “Skin changes are natural during teenage and the process is nothing to feel shy or demotivated about. Growing up years are so much more than these physiological changes. It exposes us to an array of opportunities across various fields that frames our personality and makes us stronger each day. I urge you to make the most of these years, make friends, retain good memories and most importantly instill discipline to emerge as a winner. I am extremely happy to be associated with Himalaya on an initiative like ‘My First Pimple’ that reminds us that there is nothing that can make you feel any lesser than anyone and your competition is with your own self. This spirit will take you a long way in every sphere of life”.

Speaking on the initiative, Keerthika Damodharan, Brand Manager– Face Wash, Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Companysaid, “As a leading face wash brand in the country, we have always aimed at providing teenagers with ‘Pimple-Free, Healthy Skin’. For teenagers, it is a challenging phase where their body goes through numerous changes, and the whole transition can often be very upsetting. In addition, negative remarks with regards to physical appearances can impact a girl’s confidence and self-esteem. ‘My First Pimple’ campaign is a platform to raise awareness about issues surrounding pimples including lack of confidence among young girls and reassure them that pimples are just a part of their growing-up years and there are bigger challenges in life that they need to focus on”.

In its third leg this year, “My First Pimple”is being executed across eight cities nationally, including Bhubaneshwar, Surat, Raipur, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ahmedabad and Guwahati. Similar to Chennai, each city will have a social figure who will interact with young girls and focus on overcoming skin concerns, by narrating their own journey of seeking confidence and success.This on-ground initiative will be supported by a digital campaign to connect with teens and create conversations at a national level.

About The Himalaya Drug Company:

In 1930, a young visionary by the name of M. Manal foresaw the benefits of herbal remedies while riding through the forests of Burma. After diligently researching the science of the traditional field of Ayurveda, he decided to dedicate his life creating products that would improve millions of lives across the world. Today, with a history spanning more than eight decades in herbal research, Himalaya has positioned itself as a brand that cares about not only enriching people’s lives but also the environment.With their “head-to-heel” range of products Himalaya aims to provide a holistic solution to everyday ailments that affect our bodies.

Seeped in a legacy of researching nature, Himalaya has successfully been able to harness the science of Ayurveda through cutting-edge research to become a brand that is safe, gentle and trustworthy.


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