Dara Darita Says, her first hello in India was in Madras


My first HELLO was in MADRAS!

My name is Dara, but most people know me as Ms. Dara. Some people call me by my nickname as well: Dara Darita! My father’s family comes from Russia and, on my mother’s side, they come from Italy and Spain. I was born in the capital of Argentine, the southest country on Planet Earth.

I like to see myself as a Citizen of the World! Not only because my diverse roots origin but also because I have traveled to more than 360 cities all over the Globe. I’ve started to travel at a very young age and I love to visit new places and to meet new people. Besides being a compulsive traveler, and to fully enjoy every place I visit, I am a business woman.

I love to be busy 24/7 and I never miss an oportunity to close an interesting deal. This is one of the things that entertain me most. But I have always time enough for relaxing and socialise with friends and people I know.

My mother tongue is Spanish. Therefore, my first word in english in India was HELLO and I’ve said it in MADRAS! Funny that I am writing an article for HELLO MADRAS now!

My first contact with India happened several years ago and curiosly, the first city I’ve landed to was Madras… This would be the first of many ocasions I would visit the country I love, and where I would have to start practicing my english.

People say that home is there where a person feels like it. That’s India for me! My home! The place where I feel AT HOME!

When I first arrived to Madras during summer, what took by surprise was its weather. I was not ready for it of course! But on the other hand I’ve heard hundreds of times in the other side of the world to my Grandmother talking about the famous fabrics of Madras, so I was ready to see them for myself wether the weather was hot and humid or not!

Chennai didn’t dessapointed me at all! Next morning after checking in at the hotel, I went straight away to the city stores where I could check by myself that all the sarees and blankets mixed with silk were amazing! Their glithering golden and silver colors I love the most, beautiful designs, top quality… Everything was magic! Of course I’ve returned from this very first trip to Madras with my luggage full of beautiful colorful fabrics that I still keep with me.

I also remember walking around in T Nagar area where all the main  traditional jewerlly stores were. It’s still imprinted in my mind the image of the gold craftmen creating those wonderful pure gold jewells with their bare hands using ancient crafting techniques.

Everything was amazingly fascinating for me, but what really touched my heart on that first trip to Madras, was the warmth and hospitality of its people. Everybody there, from the little ones to the eldest person treated me with respect and a big smile making me feel at home. And still happens in this way everywhere I go in India.

Madras will always have a special place on my list of visited cities…

Recently I’ve been there again for a short business visit. As I expected, once I’ve landed its hot and humid weather welcomed me. But I knew that the effort would worth it! I really got surprised by how quiclky the city is growing, and I was able to see once again that the hospitality and warmth of the people there are still intact same as the green of its country side.

One more time I was coming back to the place I’ve first stepped on in India after a long time… This time, I didn’t returned home with bags full of colorful and brillant fabrics. Instead of that, I left the city knowing that the essential things in life, always remain intact through time.

See you soon again Madras!!!




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