Chennai students shine at the World Scholar’s Cup


Students trained by A to Zee Creativity have worked extremely hard and done very well at this International academic competition – the World Scholar’s Cup again this year. The competition comprises Debate, Essay and Quiz. The theme this year was a world on the margins.

All teams qualified in Chennai Round and then each team attended one Global Round – they chose Beijing, The Hague, and Manila.

The following teams were in the top 25 worldwide – some in the top ten.

The team of Zai Tehzeeb Libby (Sishya), Taran Balakrishnan (Harishree), and Manasi Arvind (Sishya), had topped the Regional Chennai Round and stood 7th Globally this week in Manila out of 300 junior teams from all over the world. They won trophies for top ten in Debate and Quiz too!

The team of Pavarnaa K, Krtin Narayanan and Nandita Lakshmankumar (Harishree) came in second at the Chennai Round and were 7th Globally in the massive Beijing Round in June. They topped South Asia and won a trophy for top ten in Debate too!

The team of Harschith Adimoolam (APL Global), Shreya Lakshminarayan (Church Park), and Shreya Reji (Church Park) came in third at Regionals, and 13th globally in Manila. They won a trophy for being in the top ten for Writing too!

The team of Aditi Srivatsan (Sishya OMR), Sidhant Jain (Sishya OMR) and Mohak Jain (Sishya OMR) came top in the Challenge Quiz in the Regionals, and third overall globally in the Challenge!

The team of Antony Johnson (Sishya), Sidhant Jain (Sishya), and Ritwik Udipi Rau (Sishya) shone in the Challenge (Quiz).

The team of Ahigith, Abhiraam, and Pranav Krishna stood second in South Asia at Beijing.

The Under-tens category had the following in the top three globally in Manila: Lekha Bhattacharjee (1st globally) from KC High, Sidhant Jain (Sishya OMR) 2nd globally, and Rayaan Reddy 3rd(KC). Madhav Venkatachalam (MCTM)  stood 2nd overall in this category at The Hague Globals.

Other notable individual trophy performances were by Zai for Challenge and Overall Performance, Pavarnaa for debate, and Madhav for debate.

Some teams now move forward to the Yale Tournament of Champions. The Sishya/AISC team of Adam Libby, Sibhi Aravindan and Tejas Narayan topped the entire Championship last year. Let us see how this year’s scholars fare!

All the students worked hard and represented their country well. These also included: Simran, Dhyaan, Aashmann, Johan, Siya, Pratham, Arick, Sanjeev, Suchir, Anvita, Navya, Saniya, Adhiraj, Laksh, Sachin, Rhia, Ayush, Emi, Kaavya, Nideesh, Nithin, Kavya, Anya, Aditya and Oviya.

We would be happy to train students heading to Yale or next year’s scholars either directly at schools or at our centres in Alwarpet or OMR. / / 93805 99288


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