Bala Vidya Mandir has been consistently focusing on a holistic curriculum with active learning approach.


In this context, the XI Standard students of the 2019-20 batch have designed and executed an exclusive Knowledge Disseminating Seminar – “Bala Vidya Mandir Young Entrepreneurs Conclave” on 29th November 2019 from 9.A.M-1.P.M. The students were coached by Mrs. Padmaja S. N – Victory Insights, the School’s Young Entrepreneur project consultant with a dynamic instructional design last four years on Skill development, Experiential learning modules with full support of the Management, and Principal, Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan’s able Leadership. The current Class XI batch has been having Young Entrepreneur Sessions with Mrs. Padmaja S. N since the academic year of 2016-17 where students learned various brush calligraphy, soap making, photography, phenyl, perfume, detergent, shampoo, lip balms, jewellery, lanterns, ‘Best from Waste’ products, paper sculpture, wire sculpture, murals, clay modeling, chocolate making, designer candles, snow globes, tie and dye, block printing, packaging, card
making, success vision, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’, CRM, negotiation, market research, resilience, budgets, basic banking, coasters, posters, logo designing, planters, lip scrubs, lipsticks, stenciling, bag making, public speaking, presentation skills, self- image, creativity, problem solving, innovation, team building, compost making, fluid art, silhouette where many professionals of these fields taught students the technique, rules and challenges of them. Experts like Sooraj Viswanathan, Karthik Ramamoorthy,
Abishankari, Piyush, Dr. Ravi Thilagan, Athesh Ravi, Meera Ravishanker, Vijay Balaji, Renuka Vincent, Ramaprasad, Antony Adaikalam, Malavika, Sureka Sundar, Jessintha were few of them who were a part
of the sessions conducted during their Young Entrepreneur classes. Students were also introduced to the concept of Crowdfunding through these sessions where they had collected ₹24 lakhs in 21 days in
the first attempt which was donated to Freedom Trust to provide prosthetic limbs across rural areas of Tamil Nadu. This year, students were introduced to the concept of Event Management, through a practical approach, thus leading to the idea of the Young Entrepreneurs Conclave. The students, along with their teacher were determined to do something unique and become world famous for it, like the Fish Philosophy. All students enthusiastically participated in this non-sponsored event which is a first of
its kind in India where school students are organizing and executing a business conclave. Students were introduced to a variety of events that they wished to be a part of for the event. Some of the teams were
Guest Delegate PR Team, Design Print Media Team, Press PRO Team, Hospitality Team, Firefighters Team, Stage MC Team, Mementos Team, Social Media Team, First Aid Team, Public Address Team, Refreshments Team, Feedback Team, Welcome Desk Team, Band team, Infrastructure Team, Speaker PR Team, Band Team, Visual Décor Team, Photography Videography Team, Parents PR Team. Students had participated with great enthusiasm and interest. They had created beautiful and professional banners, invited other schools and colleges of Chennai along with the various Press channels and publishers with courteousness and professionalism. They had also sent gentle reminders to all guests invited through phone calls and emails and also made some of the products learnt as a part of the pre-event activities like Brownies of Shamitha Priya, cookies of Hamisini, to name a few . Nidhi Premkumar, Nithyashree, S P
Srinidhi, Sri Rakshika and Adhavan were a part of the Press PRO team, whereas Ramya, Divija and Anushka were a part of the Design Print Media Team. Shamitha Priya and Tarun Maniskandan were a part of the Social Media team while Bhavadharini. S and Deethyaashri M Adhyapak were a part of the Editorial Team. Maanya and Pranav Krishna were a part of the Stage MC Team while Eugine, Sriram and Sri Jayakrishnan were a part of the hospitality team. Shambhavi was the Conclave Anchor. These are few
of the hundreds of stars which formed a wonderful galaxy on 29th November. The Chief Guest, Mr. Gowtham Bharadwaj and Guest of Honour, Mr. Chetan Korada were warmly welcomed by the band team and hospitality team. Speakers of the event were introduced by the students, who spoke with a strong and bold voice in front of a huge crowd. The event ended with their mentor, Mrs. Padmaja, introducing all students who were a part of various teams to the audience. The event was well managed
by the students with professionalism and smartness which led to a grand success of India’s first Business Conclave hosted by school students.
We thank your esteemed presence in our event, covering the same and publishing articles and videos on it in newspapers, websites, blogspots and YouTube Channels prior to the event and making us world famous by covering our event.


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