Athulya Assisted Living goes above and beyond for the elderly in Chennai


Premium living, in terms of seniority living spaces, has been a concept indulged in since the past few years. While it is still upcoming in India, the concept is now starting to bloom within the senior-living industry. Athulya Assisted Living, is a well-fashioned premium living space for the elderly. With its principal focus being subjected to senior care, Athulya Assisted Living is the first of its kind in the city of Chennai. In addition to renting a space at their facility in Mylapore, Arumbakkam and Perungudi, senior well-being is primarily measured to keep them at comfort and ease.

Athulya Assisted Living accommodates to safety in the form of Clinical and Infrastructural Safety, Security, Healthcare Support, Social Security and most significantly-Independence, in addition to Privacy, as well. Apart from this, Healthcare professionals are available around the clock, along with specialists who arrive during any time of need and an in-house nutritionist to plan out meals, which assures remarkable care offered to the elderly. While most assisted living facilities are mistaken for old age homes, Athulya Assisted Living has established itself as a one-stop destination that caters to every senior tenant at their facility.

Speaking on the same, Ms. Kavya J- Co-Founder & CEO, Athulya Assisted Living said, “One thing that I would like to establish is that Athulya Assisted Living is primarily, not an old age home. We aim to provide a homely lifestyle to our senior residents and they are more than happy to stay at our premises. Athulya is a premium living facility, solely. For individuals who have jobs abroad and find it hard to keep a track of their parents’ health, well-being, and so on, our facility is the answer to all those worries.”

“With short stays being welcomed at our facility, we now ensure respite care to its fullest and that our seniors are given the best of comfort and peace at their old-age. We have implemented interior styles followed by American standards, in our facilities, and we did this in order to provide ease and comfort to our seniors. With this being adapted, our senior tenants find simplicity in mobility and accessibility. Moreover, we aim to provide a homely lifestyle to our senior residents and they are more than happy to stay at our premises”, Ms. Kavya further added.

The difference between Athulya’s senior-living facilities, when compared to others is simply that, at Athulya, every detail has been carefully planned to suit the needs of the elders staying in. With the infrastructural adaptation from US-based assisted living homes, geriatric-centered furniture which consist of clinically-enhanced cots for the best posture, chairs and sofas for easy sitting and getting back up, bathroom implements and fittings for easy walk-ins and usage, anti-sharp edged covers to protect seniors from walls edges, and other architectural amenities, suitable for the elderly.

For an aged individual, the need to stay healthy and intact is inevitable. With the familiarization of short stays, Athulya Assisted Living offers aged tenants the will to stay as long as their health condition requires. This not only gives the added advantage of staying in an assisted living facility, but also the greater benefit of respite care. Additional help and medical support to get back to doing their routine activities post-hospitalization, rehabilitation and therapy post-surgery, and other specific needs are closely administered to, at Athulya Assisted Living.

Moreover, retirement is certain and in today’s scenario, we can see that the elderly opt for assisted living facilities. The answer as to why they do this is simple – comfort. At Athulya, the elderly are kept at bay with comfort and care. They provide and meet the needs of the tenants and Athulya and ensure complete safety and happiness in various forms of activities to keep them engaged. While several individuals feel that their retirement plan consists of building a house and settling down, certain individuals choose differently. Most senior citizens opt for this mainly because they get to be in touch with their social and medical safety. With uniquely designed interiors and ease of access to basic amenities, Athulya Assisted Living provides well-being in luxury at their premises. As it is located within the bounds of the city of Chennai, the ease of access to nearby Hospitals is also at an advantage for a resident at Athulya. Besides just focused attention and care for each and every senior citizen, their social standards are also met through regular activities to keep the elderly engaged. Yoga Sessions, Visits to Religious Centers, Gardening, Walking Club, etc. are some of the activities planned out regularly.


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