An Ode to Water – Light and Life Academy


The importance of water, to symbolize the greatness of water through a song titled instakiram challenge was to match. This is not the usual prizes will be announced. Our Elders say that the world can not in itself lead to the generation of today and will realize its importance, is to drive home the prize.

Immediately after the announcement from Across India, more than 2000 photos were sent to the topic deserves. Cover all possibilities of water were varappiracatamana nature of the photos. What to make of this, what is happening at the edge of the blade so that the delivery of finely as select 50 photos were selected for the exhibition. They last up to 16-th and 19-th at the Express Avenue in Chennai Anna Salai were exhibited. The reason, the World Photography Day on August 19.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the exhibition pankerrup founder of the Academy of Light and Life, a leading photo artist Mohammed Iqbal, a noble purpose nokkinri dividends from across India to see the wonderful photographs was moved, saying that the chest. Such photos can be recorded as an inch of water to the stunning photographs that saw the audience exclaimed. He noted that accaryappattu stranded.

Photo exhibitions usually take place in a separate arena. But in a place where people can express Avenue as thousands of people showed interest during the exhibition, with a photo of it as meditation onrippoy enjoyed seeing photography as a victory, said Iqbal Ahmed.

Action is the best word, nodded. Photo exhibition as well as just for children, but also on the last 18 of the competition for water, and there was the headline figures. How efficient use and saving of water that can be conceived of in this match. More than 200 children participated in the public water saving methods around the whole avenue to express briefed about the future generations to demonstrate that an intelligent generation. Efficient use of water in the future that the 200. It was a lesson to those who witnessed more than suitable for children of promise.

Celebrates its ninth anniversary this planet at this time that the importance of water to the water’s amirtamana participated in the event that a song is happy Express Avenue casualties were reported. Express Avenue-traded companies have taken it upon themselves to show you were a song. Photographer acclaim and sold photographs to notify them of their contribution.

This is the symbol of youth, such as Express Avenue Mall in Chennai confluence and the social thought detracted from the events being held across the country in a delightful and Express Avenue ciaro tirumunis kannaiya said.

That’s a drop of rain water that would indicate that generates the great oceans of the best photos will be placed. Not just for photography, post cards and book covers he parinamittiruntana. This photo exhibition is accumulated in the fund, which has committed itself to restore lakes India (EFI) is provided as a non-governmental voluntary organization.

This is a song for you, try the innovative four-day, every day, over a thousand people were at. Photographers by their contribution to the lofty cause terivittuc went public with their compliments. Archives of the Youth Battalion, senior photographers, photographer or interested to attend the grand army here. We suggest that message rather than just looking at the photos they took Harnessing the highlight of the show. The more than 200 photographs by the miracle of nature, regardless of the price and buy the photos taken by the witness. Writing poetry, still maintain a few photos and left vakkalittuc.

Express Avenue in which thousands of people come to the exhibition to its central location in centr atriyat provided by the company, and Light and Life of Muhammad Iqbal Academy greatly obliged. Natattappattate a track event at the place of water contributed to its success. Express Avenue of the 9th Anniversary of its unique part in such an initiative.

Water heroes, who left four days to more than 200 children to express their appreciation for the organization and creamy sweets provided krispi Mohammad Iqbal said.

An international standards organization is teaching photography at the feeder, which operates in the Light and Life Academy. Publicity expert Mohammed Iqbal in 2001 and it was launched by Anuradha Iqbal. In this digital yukattirk appropriate time, the photography instruction via the Internet elele online system they have created. This is taught in English and 9 Indian languages.


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