6 ways to make your home festive ready with Nimyle


With the festive season around the corner, it’s time to wear new clothes and eat delicious treats.

With festivals being all about fresh new beginning and removing all that is old and dirty from homes, find below a few tips on cleaning your home effectively.

  • Floor Cleaning-

It’s imperative to use 100% natural floor cleaners such as Nimyle for safe and clean homes. This is especially important if you have pets or kids because other floor cleaners consist of active chlorine systems which may leave harmful residue post usage on the floors, instead Nimyle Herbal Floor cleaner uses the power of neem where cleaning is done naturally and effectively thereby protecting you from hundreds of disease-causinggerms. The best way to clean the floor is by cleaning it in parts. Remember to squeeze out the excess amount of water, so it doesn’t leave water stains on the floor.

  • Cleaning Kitchen slabs-

Kitchen counters are known for their tough stains due to the cooking and cutting. In such cases, it is important to use a cleaner that has anti-bacterial properties like Nimyle which ensures a germ-free kitchen counter, and a fresh long-lastingfragrance leading to a wholesome and healthier cooking experience.

  • Cleaning the store room:

It is important to clean the store room and ensure that each corner is cleaned properly as grains and other groceries are stored there. One can see moths and other insects breeding in the containers, if the room is not cleaned and maintained properly. At such times, ensure that the room is cleaned properly by using neem or neem oil in it.

  • Cleaning Children’s Rooms:

Children’s rooms must have high amount of cleanliness at all times. Infants in the house are more likely to play with toys and stay in contact with the floor most of the times. Hence it is very important to clean toys and the floor with an anti-bacterial cleaner such as Nimyle.

  • Cleaning Corners-

It is more likely than not, that we forget to clean corners, where dust as well as spiders spin their webs and make it their home. Use a cloth that has been dipped in Nimyle infused water to clean them. This will ensure a thorough clean-up as Nimyle is comprised with the goodness of Neem.


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